Nickel-Cadmium (Ni-Cd) : MRX
The Saft Matrics (*) MRX Ni-Cd battery range is compact block for medium power performances, according to IEC 60623 classification. MRX range has been designed to provide the perfect performance rail battery solution for a variety of on-board functions:

  • Auxiliary backup: lighting ventilation, air-conditioning, communication, computing, door control…
  • Train setup
  • Raise of pantograph

MATRICS: MAss Transit & Rail Integrated Compact System

Main applications

  • Metros
  • LRV (Light Rail Vehicles)
  • EMUs (Electric Multiple Units)
  • DMUs (Diesel Multiple Units)
  • Electric locomotives
  • High speed trains


  • Very low weight and minimal dimensions
  • Low LCC (Life Cycle Cost) and TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)
  • Field proven reliability and safety
  • Low maintenance (2 years interval between topping up with water)
  • Very efficient chargeability even at low temperature

Integrated battery systems
Matrics MRX batteries can be used to create complete battery systems comprising:

  • Cells (for energy storage) together with integrated water filling system
  • Electrical systems: such as interfaces, chargers, fuses…
  • Mechanical systems: such as a rail mounted sliding tray for easy train’s integration

A complete range of 9 standard rail battery systems is available.

Plate technology
Compact sintered / PBE: well-proven sintered positive electrode plus a compact plastic bonded negative electrode (PBE).

Capacity range
Rated capacities from 70 Ah up to 520 Ah.

MRX batteries are available in blocks of 1 to 10 cells depending on capacity, running in parallel or series. Flame retardant container.

MRX meets and often exceeds the specifications of all major international shock, vibration and electrical standards: IEC 60623/UIC 854, IEC 61373, EN 50155, NFF 60022, IEC 60077.