Nickel-Cadmium (Ni-Cd) : MSX
The Saft MSX Ni-Cd battery range features a compact block construction for high power performances, according to IEC 60623 classification. The MSX range has been developed to provide the high power energy required to ensure reliable backup and diesel engine starting:

  • Demanding power back-up
  • Diesel engine starting
  • Magnetic braking
  • Very low temperature back-up

Main applications

  • Tramways and tram-trains
  • Diesel Locomotives & DMUs (Diesel Multiple Unit)
  • Electric trains such as EMUs, high speed trains, electric locomotives…


  • Very low weight and compact dimensions
  • High power performances
  • Field proven reliability and safety
  • Minimal and easy maintenance

Integrated battery systems
MSX batteries can be used to create complete battery systems comprising:

  • Cells (for energy storage) together with integrated water filling system
  • Electrical systems: such as interfaces, chargers, fuses…
  • Mechanical systems: such as a rail mounted sliding tray for ease of integration into the train

A complete range of 9 standard rail battery systems is available.

Plate technology
Compact sintered / PBE: well-proven sintered positive electrode, a compact plastic bonded negative electrode (PBE).

Capacity range
Rated capacities from 70 Ah up to 260 Ah.

MSX batteries are available in blocks of 1 to 10 cells depending on capacity, running in parallel or series. Flame retardant container.

MSX meets, and often exceeds, stringent quality standards:

  • Electrical: Over “H” type according to IEC 60 623
  • Fire and smoke: NFF 16 101-16 102, DIN 5 510, UNI CEI 11 170-3, UL 94-V0
  • Shock and vibration: IEC 61373
  • Quality: ISO 9 001, IRIS
  • Environment: RoHS, fully recycled, ISO 14 001