Nickel-Cadmium (Ni-Cd) : SRX – High power back-up for rail & mass transit
Saft SRX Ni-Cd batteries are designed to provide very high performance in rail applications such as diesel locomotive starting and emergency braking of metros and high speed trains.
SRX batteries are used where high current discharges are required.

Main applications

  • diesel engine starting
  • power back-up


  • short duration high peak discharges
  • low maintenance (2 years without topping up with water)
  • long life: more than 15 years
  • high reliability
  • wide operating temperature range
  • excellent chargeability

Integrated battery systems
SRX batteries can be used to create complete battery systems comprising:

  • cells (for energy storage) together with integrated water filling system
  • electrical systems: such as interface, chargers, fuses…
  • mechanical systems: such as a rail mounted sliding tray for ease of integration into the train

A complete range of 9 standard rail battery systems is available.

Plate technology
Sintered / PBE: well-proven sintered positive electrode, a compact plastic bonded negative electrode (PBE).

Capacity range
Rated capacities from 22 Ah up to 375 Ah.


  • Containers : Steel or stainless steel or polypropylene or flame retardant plastic containers – ideally suited to the requirements of rail transport. Stainless steel containers are designed specifically for railway rolling stock applications, providing a high resistance to chemical and physical impact.
  • Crates : Steel containers are assembled in wooden crates Plastic containers are assembled in compact steel crates.

SRX batteries comply with most of the major mechanical and electrical standards, including IEC 60623, IEC 60077, DIN 40 771, BS 6260, UIC 854 R and NFF 64 018.