Ultima SLM


Nickel-Cadmium (Ni-Cd) : Ultima SLM – Ultra low maintenance batteries
Saft Ultima SLM Ni-Cd batteries provide the optimum power back-up solution for installations where the risk of failure is unacceptable. They are designed for applications requiring autonomous power for periods between 30 minutes and 3 hours, or mixed loads with high peak demands.


  • data & information systems
  • emergency and security systems
  • process control
  • switchgear, switching and transmission
  • signalling and infrastructure

Ultima SLM batteries are designed to meet the needs of applications requiring ultra low maintenance.

  • no need to top up with water
  • no failure, thanks to controlled gas recombination
  • long lifetime of over 20 years
  • operation over a wide temperature range operation
  • high resistance to electrical and physical abuse

Capacity range
8 Ah to 850 Ah
Example of battery name: SLM 850

Pocket plate technology
The construction of the Ultima cell is based upon the proven Saft pocket plate technology but with special features to ensure low water usage by use of the gas recombination cycle.