Nickel-Cadmium (Ni-Cd) : Uptimax New Generation – Maintenance-free solution for backup power applications
Uptimax New Generation is Saft’s latest development in Ni-Cd pocket plate battery technology. It combines maintenance-free* operation with total reliability to provide the ideal power backup solution for the oil and gas, utility and electricity industries and delivers an optimized TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).


  • Substation switchgear
  • UPS
  • Emergency and security systems
  • Process control

Uptimax New Generation batteries have a new high-tech design to meet the needs of applications requiring minimal battery service costs.

  • Maintenance–free* – no need to add water throughout the entire service life of the battery
  • Enhanced electrical performance to optimize battery capacity and save on initial purchase costs
  • Fast and simple charging with a narrow voltage window for minimal down-time and maximum availability
  • No risk of the sudden death suffered by VRLA batteries
  • Long operational life: even at + 40°C (+ 104°F)
  • Can be stored filled with electrolyte and charged for up to 2 years

Capacity range

  • UP1 L Energy range
    • 15 to 1700 Ah
    • For low rate discharges for long periods between 1 and 100 h
  • UP1 M Medium power range
    • 8 to 1330 Ah
    • For mixed loads with varying current between 30 min and 3 h

Efficient gas recombination
The key feature of the Uptimax cell is its very efficient gas recombination, with very low gas emission, well in excess of the requirements of IEC 62259.
* The term maintenance-free means that no addition of water is necessary during the life time of the product when operating under Saft’s recommended conditions.